Tailwind CSS UI Kit for Sketch by Jesse Dobbelaere

July 31, 2020

This UI Kit for Sketch by Jesse Dobbelaere will enable you to easily use the Tailwind CSS framework in your designs. It contains a wide array of elements that compose the popular framework such as:

  • The default color swatches
  • Typography styles based on the Inter font
  • Space elements and containers
  • The solid and outline version of Heroicons
  • The form elements

Download the kit or contribute on Github

For those who don't know what Tailwind is, it's an easily modified CSS framework that enables rapid front-end development, without imposing specific styles. This means that you can use this kit as a base, customize at will and the development team will have an easier time implementing the designs.

About the creator

Jesse Dobbelaere is a software engineer from Ghent, Belgium, currently working at Showpad. He is also a contributor of ForkCMS, an open-source CMS. You can follow him on Twitter.

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