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June 3, 2019 · By the unDraw Team

For a year and a half, we've been working to provide everyone with illustrations, without any cost or need for attribution. As a result, we've met and heard about so many creative people, producing awesome work, without the incredible luck of having such a welcoming audience. So now, as promised, it's time to share the spotlight and help them reach others.

Out Of Focus

Despite the numerous resources filled with design-related content, there seems to be a focus on a small, well-connected part that gets all the attention. The widespread adoption of design in many other fields, has led to a new world, but so many people are still being left out, and their accomplishments go uncelebrated. So as creativity has changed, so have the needs for content to include this huge movement.

What You Do, Not Who You Know

Geographical limits for creativity have collapsed, access to awesome design tools is free and real-world work is overtaking cheap tricks to gather followers. This shift is happening and we ought it to ourselves to embrace it and help speed the process up. Creativity nowadays is more like an open worldwide party, rather than an expensive conference where a small group of designers, gather to congratulate themselves.

Real World, Real Work

In this change we all play our part, so we are here to join this movement with a blog that will help other members of the creative community (no matter their field or follower count) get their work out there. A blog that will try to stay away from pretentious posts but will focus on real-world projects with real impact on real people. So this will probably be us together, having fun, sharing whatever we learn and showcasing other people's awesome work.

A Real Discussion

So here we go, free from Medium, with a new platform that will enable us to share more on things we really know and experiment with fun content that we (and hopefully you) find interesting. unDraw Creatives is the way to continue our online discussion in a more personal way. Thank you for reading this first post and we hope you'll be there, with respect to everyone, to express your feelings and opinions, no matter what they are and if we agree!

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