Free e-book on Design Systems by Andrea Hock and Telling Lies is coming

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Design systems free e-book by Andrea Hock

The UI/UX designer and former Adobe creative resident, joined forces with the company to release a comprehensive and completely free e-book on design systems.

"Her Story" gets a follow-up

One of the most award winning indie games of all time, Sam Barlow's Her Story, is getting a follow-up game. It's title Telling Lies and in E3 we finally got a trailer.

Alicja Colon's intro to paper illustration

A super interesting post in this week's Dribbble Courtside, where Alicja Colon, an extremely talented paper illustrator and photographer, provides a basic overview of her work.

A few other things

A deep-fake video of Mark Zuckerberg is testing Facebook's policies, Firefox provided a glance on the evolution of its brand and the Marvin Visions font has one of the coolest websites.

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Thoughts on Communities

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